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Hello & Hej 😊

My name is Aminah Eleonora and I’m an illustrator and surface designer from Sweden. I create food illustrations combined with handlettering for different kind of products as well as playful patterns with kids and families in mind.

I value authenticity therefor I always aim to create unique designs that you can’t find anywhere else. As an artist I truly love the process of creating a piece, from a dot to a finished artwork and almost all of my art and designs are made by me from skratch.

I call myself a multi-passionated artist and I use all different kind of mediums from pencil to watercolors but my current favorite tool is my iPad. Happy pastel colours, preferly blue and green tones with hints of pink are the colours I tend to use and my biggest inspirations are fika and Swedish nature…

Five facts about me:

  • I have never learnt to drink coffee, I only drink tea
    (not so Swedish I know)
  • After high school I studied to become a teacher but found my true calling (i.e. design and illustration) during maternity leave
  • My personality type is INFP – hello hopeless dreamer here
  • My biggest weakness as well as inspiration is probably sweets.
  • And my favorite pastry must be the Swedish Princess cake or well almost anything with marzipan!

I’m always looking for new projects and collaborations, so are you ready to create something unique?